Chic Pattern

Alessandro Michele brings the absolute fresh blood for Gucci, the wide strap, beautiful and vintage embroidery is so stunning. The classic design and chic patterns are a new trend in this year. Some brands are cute, their patterns are animal or 3D button, wearing a simple outfit with these chic bags will make you look so voguish.


Gorgeous design

Speaking of the design, Chloe Nile must be the number one in this year, elliptic bag and round metal handle make it so chic and unique. Also the latch in Hermes Roulis is special and safe, although it adds a medal latch, its weight is just 413.5g, so cool, right? Prada Ribbon is based on Cahier to create, their look is similar, but Ribbon can change the strap according to your love.


Cute shape

The bags in today are not just a tool for going out. It shows girls’ characters. Do you discover that many girls love to take a cute shape bag in the street? Animals, plants even the food. Alexa Chung love to go out with a rabbit bag, remember? This bag comes from Hillier Bartley, and their style is chic and funny. And now, more and more brands unveil the interesting cute shape bags. That would be a new attitude of life.

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