Pull it off

Trends come and go, but fashion never goes out of style. However, if there’s any trend we keep looking without any season, it is comfort. Oversized clothes: it's the trend that so wrong that you don’t want to try at all, it's right - and it's not going anywhere simply because you cannot dress it well like drowning. Wandering between sad-and-baggy and rad-and-baggy when you're wearing your oversized pieces, you just lack a few tips to pull it off.


Find Balance

The key to pulling off oversized dresses is to keep your look balanced by keeping the rest of your part slimed and fitted. And just go for a pair of high heel that visually and actually boost your height so as to avoid you from being “swallowed” by your oversized piece. Wear heels make your legs look longer. But if you can’t step out by wearing high heel in a long time, go for a pair of pointed shoes that instantly elongates your legs, making your silhouette look more proportional. Don’t try to don your oversized coat over your sack dress, which makes your look out of proportion. If you want to go with the latest dress-over-pants trend, layering a dress over pants, do it right by wearing a skinny pants or legging rather than those baggy jeans inside your too-big dress.


Cinch it

The oversized dress seems to “press” the wearer down to the ground sometimes because it is shapeless and too baggy. If you’re worried that the sack dress you have will make you look shapeless and almost “swallow” you by making you look like drowning, cinching it around the waist with a belt can really help a lot, giving correct proportions and “stretching” the silhouette upward. Cinching too-big dress will curve a good shape, creating the illusion of slimmer and taller. You can still look stylish and chic when you’re all bundled up. Don’t hesitate, just give it a try, and the looks will leave you pleasantly surprised!

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