Workwear formula

In the top best-selling items of the brand FINEJO, patchwork cannot be missed. Unlike the grammars’ haunting patchwork, patchwork has come a long way and becomes a trend in runway in recent year. Patchwork undoubtedly is the collection of a unique composite of different fabrics, creating flattering clothing under the designer of FINEJO. Consider these patchwork dresses and tops for femininities, patching different geometric shapes or different fabrics, especially lace. Whilst giving off a chic and office lady vibe.


Party Girl

An irregular hem dresses is a wardrobe staple for every girl. The silhouette of irregular hem can be effortless to show the charm and slim posture of women. The dress that combines sexy lace patchwork with irregular hem evokes an exotic and retro sensibility. Adding a stunning necklace, and finishing off your look with a pair of vertiginous high heel, which will envelop you elegantly, whether going to the ball with besties or hosting a dinner party at home.


Beachwear essential

This eye-catching perspective mesh dress is a bold and creative design of patchwork. Unique style looks great on you, drawing all sorts of glances. Pair with a lace-up stiletto heel and a statement choker for a modern approach to beach dressing.

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