Step 1


Pull everything out of your wardrobe and place it all on the bed Have three garbage bags handy Keep – Donate – Trash You need to sort through your clothing items and allocating them into the garbage bags. Then sort through your shoes and accessories with the same mantra as above A general rule to follow is that if you haven’t worn something for six months, it’s time to donate the item to a charity or send it to the trash.

Step 2


Smart sorting helps you quickly find the things you need. There are several ways to divide things: according to color, season, type of material or "top and bottom" (T-shirts and sweaters on the upper shelves and skirts and pants on the closet rod underneath). Summer is on its way. It’s time to go through things and to put away those that won’t be used anytime soon. You can hide them under the bed or lay them down in a basket on the top shelf of the closet. Sometimes seasonal items can be stowed away in the pantry or in a roomy, multi-functional case that can also serve as a decoration or a coffee table.

Step 3


Your goal is to be able to see everything inside your wardrobe upon opening its doors. Keep your wardrobe sorted by returning everything to its place after use and after washing. It sounds simple, because it is! The few minutes it takes to return your clothes to their rightful place works wonders in maintaining an organized wardrobe. Create good habits and a sorted wardrobe will follow! Now where is your blue floral spring dress?

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