In England

Checked shirts always are indispensable fashion elements and never quite go out of fashion. In tailor shop, a suit of fine workmanship kilt was so expensive, about 500-1000 pounds. Also, the high price causes the royalty’s following and became a fashion trend. Diana loved checkered element so much. And this suit made her looks more modest and friendly.


In 90s

When checkered elements came into America, American gave it a new style and fresh fashion trend. Matching with a pair of jean, the image was Intellectuality and casual and reflected the freedom of American women. Matching with denim shorts, tie a knot and expose you perfect waist, which would make you cool and sexy.


in modern fashion

Tie it on your waist, the most simple way make you fashion and hot. Or just imitated 90s’ style, tie a knot and match with a shorts or skirt. I have to say, checkered shirt is the only one both are the chic and cheap piece in the world.

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